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And yes, we are the First European University.

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I have a small painters’ firm and I always got by speaking my own language. But now that the city has become more international, I need to speak English with several customers. I am truly happy with the help from YUFE students when I call or visit these customers. Without these helpful young people, I might have lost quite a few them.

Shoko Mugikura YUFE Citizen

My neighbourhood was no longer a real neighbourhood and I wanted to bring the togetherness back. My dream was to organize an evening with food, music and dancing to get them all together again. Becoming a YUFE member made that possible: together with a small group of YUFE students and staff we organized a wonderful evening. You know what, thanks to people from all over Europe, my small neighbourhood is a neighbourhood again.

Alexander Smith YUFE Innovator

My children and I live in a part of town where we hardly meet people who were successful in their lives. I worried about the role models they were seeing. Becoming a YUFE member made a big difference. My little girls and adolescent son now regularly meet with a couple of YUFE students. They have fun together and at the same time the kids get a whole new idea of what life can bring.

Lindsay Swanson YUFE staff
Where we are
What YUFE has to offer

Feel at home, everywhere

A warm welcome for the duration of your stay in a household in the city. We ensure your accomodation and you enjoy being immersed in your temporary new home.

Stay part of an amazing community

After you travel, study, work at a YUFE university in another country, learn new languages, become a citizen of various European regions, and, most importantly, help innovate these regions comes the best: once a YUFE member, always a YUFE member.

Learn all over Europe

You wish to broaden your horizon, but you want to be more than a regular exchange student. Then YUFE, the European University, is the way to go for you.

Solve regional challenges

Become a true citizen of a region in a different country and make your contribution to the solution of local and regional challenges.

Don't interrupt your study success

A YUFE exchange has no effect on your ECTS nor your study progress at home. So no delays. Just an intense learning opportunity.

Study what you want

Set up your own study programme and choose your courses at each university you attend. Let your motivation be the limit.

People behind YUFE

Enroll now and build for the future of Europe


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The app is for everyone and to download it just click on the button below. When you register for an account you will get access to more information and your unique YUFE ID. With this idea you can become part of the community or enroll for one of the programmes.

2. Select your YUFE journey

The whole YUFE student life-cycle is done in the app. This is why we are proud to call ourselves the first mobile university of Europe too. As a student you can access your schedule, choose your courses and keep in touch with other YUFE students.

3. Pack your bag

Make sure your packbag is ready, you have your passport and your mobile. This is all you need on your YUFE journey.